KOHONES™ ( or as some of you-all say, KOHONIES™)

No matter how you pronounce it, it means the same thing: A passion to break the boundaries™. To go beyond. It is mind, spirit, body and soul in unison toward one purpose and one's own purpose.

Daring, vision, innovation, guts, heart, boldness, determination, mettle, grit, audacity, bravery, valor, courage, attitude and confidence describe the essence of what kohones™ stands for.

It is not about fearlessness, recklessness, or mindless rebellion, but rather about conquering fears that keep us from reaching that next level or new frontier. Kohones is the result of fear taking on passion and fear getting its butt whipped™.

Seek knowledge, speak out, set new standards, challenge old precepts. Hold firm to your visions even though others may be too narrow minded to see or appreciate them.

There is a new breed out there that got big ones™. Primarily inspired by extreme sports, the spirit of kohones™ can be seen in all walks of life. Look closely, its there.

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